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Unique Off The Beaten Track Things To Do In Rome

November 25th, 2013|11 Comments

So your going to Rome,you've got your plane ticket booked and you've found a great place to stay using an awesome budget booking hotel/hostel website like HostelBookers,now your planning on what to see,everyone goes to see all the big attractions like the Colosseum,The Vatican,The Pantheon,Trevi Fountain,but if you want to see

My Top 5 Best Travel Destinations In Central America!

May 30th, 2013|21 Comments

So as people who have been following this blog for a while will know at the end of last year I started my Latin American Adventure where I solo backpacked through over 11 countries.While each place I visited had something about it that made it great, there are always those places

Boarding Down an Active Volcano in Leon

December 29th, 2012|4 Comments

So after arriving from my unexpected journey in El Salvador to see the hobbit it was time to do something a little more touristy in Leon Nicaragua. While in Leon I stayed at Bigfoot hostel who are famous for inventing the sport of volcano boarding. What is Volcano boarding you

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18 Amazing Real Life Game Of Thrones Locations!

Like a lot of people, I also have been completely caught up in the world of Westeros with the Game Of Thrones Series, Along with the amazing story, gory death scenes and of course dragons. The thing that always blows me away the most are the amazing Game of thrones

Top Tardis Time Travel Destinations!

In honor of the 50th year celebration of Doctor Who this year I thought it would be fun to do my "Top Tardis Time Travel Destinations", Try and say that 10 times really fast, haha What if you could jump inside the Tardis and not just travel to any location

12 Nerdy Gadgets Every Traveler Shouldn’t Be Without!

Anyone who knows me, or has read one of my packing lists for Latin America or packing lists for my Asia & Europe will know that being a nerd, REALLY  love my nerdy travel gadgets. As a result of this, I travel with a lot of electronics,While some of them

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Exploring The Abandoned Beatles Ashram Rishikesh

The famous abandoned Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh is Located just outside of the city on the banks of the Ganges. Once the home of famous spiritual instructor Yogi Maharishi Mahesh. Now part of the Rajaji National Park Tiger Sanctuary which is also home to  many animals, including panthers, elephants and over

Top 5 Best Travel Pillow Choices For The Sleep Savvy Traveller

As a long-term traveller and Digital Nomad, I'm no stranger to 10+ hour bus rides and long haul flights. Like many of you, I struggle with trying to sleep while travelling. In this post, we go on a quest for the best travel pillow to help you get some much-needed Z's

5 Long Term Budget Travel Tips

Join me as I share with you my top long term budget travel tips  that I have learnt from over three years budget travelling around the globe. Travelling can take many forms from short, cheeky weekend getaways to a new city, to planning your yearly two-week vacation from work too


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