Exploring The Abandoned Beatles Ashram In Rishikesh

The famous abandoned Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh is Located just outside of the city on the banks of the Ganges. Once the home of famous spiritual instructor Yogi Maharishi Mahesh. Now part of the Rajaji National Park Tiger Sanctuary which is also home to  many animals, including panthers, elephants and over 400 species of bird Exploring […]

Top 5 Best Travel Pillow Choices For The Sleep Savvy Traveller

As a long-term traveller and Digital Nomad, I’m no stranger to 10+ hour bus rides and long haul flights. Like many of you, I struggle with trying to sleep while travelling. In this post, we go on a quest for the best travel pillow to help you get some much-needed Z’s when on the road. Top 5 […]

5 Long Term Budget Travel Tips

Join me as I share with you my top long term budget travel tips  that I have learnt from over three years budget travelling around the globe. Travelling can take many forms from short, cheeky weekend getaways to a new city, to planning your yearly two-week vacation from work too long open-ended backpacking trips for […]

My Next Nomadic Adventure – Finding Freedom & Balance

I’m super excited to announce that in less than a week I will be embarking on my next and most exciting (and scary) adventure yet. After four months of being back in Australia to see family and working my absolute ass off in a full-time desk job at a games studio. As well as juggling a […]

3 Years of Nerdy Travel Adventures – The Up’s & Down’s

So Nerd Travels is over three years old, and what a whirlwind three years it has been. I would never have thought when I launched this blog and my first ever post Building up From Rock Bottom what a crazy journey  adventure I had ahead of me.  It feels like only yesterday I was sitting back in […]

Ticket To Mystery Escape Room Bangkok

During my time in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok for my third TBEX Travel Blogging Conference. I was given the opportunity to go on a nerdy adventure.  I got to experience my first ever escape room at Ticket To Mystery. What is an Escape Room? In an escape room groups of 2-5 players are put thrust […]

My First 3 Months As A Digital Nomad!

So it’s been three months since I started My Next Nerdy Nomadic Adventure.  I left  Edinburgh Scotland where I spent 16 months living in a hostel and working a 9-5 job on a working holiday. Bought myself a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai Thailand and had less than two months worth of money to my […]

18 Amazing Real Life Game Of Thrones Locations!

Like a lot of people, I also have been completely caught up in the world of Westeros with the Game Of Thrones Series, Along with the amazing story, gory death scenes and of course dragons. The thing that always blows me away the most are the amazing Game of thrones set locations. So if  you […]

Next Nerdy Nomadic Chapter!

So last week I embarked on one of the biggest scariest adventures of my life. And I don’t mean scary in the crazy jumping of a bridge with nothing but a bit of rope tied to you kind of way like I did in Ecuador. Or crazy in a booking a one-way ticket to Mexico […]

Castellers – Building Human Towers In Girona Spain !

Castellers or Castel the art of building human towers During my time Costa Brava Spain when I wasn’t sampling delicious Tapas or feasting on snails, I was out experiencing what it was out exploring the Catalonia region and all the many activities that make Catalonia truly unique. One of the most interesting activities I encountered was Castell, […]