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USA Hostel Hollywood

This post isn’t as suss as the title may imply :P,

So I arrived in sunny Los Angeles yesterday after travelling back through time like some kind of modern day wizard, My flight left at 11:15pm Brisbane time and arrived at 7:30am LA time after a 13 hour sleepless flight.

After clearing the seemingly endless US immigration and customs lines I headed to hostel. I have to admit I wasn’t sure on what to expect when I checked in, But within a few minutes of checking in was already chatting to people and making friends.

Bunks in dorm room

In the evenning 14 of us went on a hostel ran event a limo ride and bit of a bar crawl through hollywood. I was skepetical at first but seeing as I had never riden around in a limo I figured what better place to give it a go than hollywood.

Limo outside of hostel

Needless to say everyone had a ball, having a few drinks with music full ball. We then stopped at a Texas style restauraunt where a bunch of us rode the mechanical bull. In the final round I lasted 1:11 seconds with no hands just missing out on the winning time that one of the other guys got of 1:14.

After hitting up another bar and ending up in a Hookah bar till about 2:30am. Which was when I decided that after not having slept in over 30 something hours it was time to crash.

Me Rocking the Bull

Cant believe I didnt start going to Hostels earlier. I’ve already met so many awesome new people and its amazing how sitting at a table with 15+ people with over 10 different nationalities having a few drinks

And that was just day one. I’ve since been up to hollywood sign, driven in a convertible to venice beach.  I’ve only been here two days and I now I know why people say travel is so addictive. I think i’ve been bitten.

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