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One door closes, Another opens.

So its been a pretty surreal week, Between franticly trying to pack everything I want to keep into my backpack and suit case for my flight back to Australia today, To selling various furniture items,having my last day at work yesterday and saying good bye to my two adorable cats. Who my wife has generously agreed to take and look after. (Who I cant even begin to thank enough)

I’d love to say that it has been all excitement and and rainbows but that would be a lie, Although I am really excited to be making these big life changing steps towards my trip it’s also really started to hit me that this is it. my furniture is going, I’ve left my job there is no turning back now.

I think the scariest thing is not knowing when I’ll be working again (Most likely not for 6-8 months) or even if I will return to the games industry.

Goodbye to working at a desk

But I know this is what I really want to do and I never expected this to be easy and sure there are days when I have doubts that i’m making the right decision but then I just think.

No one has ever gone away travelling for 6 months and said “DAMN that was the worst experience ever I wish Id stayed back working my 9-5 Job sitting in my cubicle”

Or Have they? You never know I might be the first :P.

So that’s it I leave in about an hour for an “Amazing” 33 hrs of flights including lay overs to return back to Australia for a week. Then off to backpack my starter zone California.

After the week i’ve had I’m actually looking forward to being able to sit and relax and write and just chill without feeling like I have to do things.

Everything I am keeping.

I’m expecting to get GIGA owned by baggage fees as most of these bags weigh a ton but we shall see 😀

Anyway Catch you guys in the future where I arrive in Australia 😀 (Haha it really is the future due to the time difference of them being like 13 hrs ahead.) Jetlag Ahoy.

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