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 So it’s 2am in the morning and i’m sitting here in the dark on the floor of my now furniture-less apartment on a make shift bed made out of a rug, various pillows and a couple of blankets as the song  “Try” by Pink loops for about the 50th time.(haha, don’t know why I cant stop listening to this song).

Some of you might think that sitting in a pretty much empty apartment would be depressing, but to me this is liberating. As the last piece of furniture left my apartment yesterday it felt like a giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders.There is now nothing left keeping me in Montreal and even though I woke this morning with a bit of a sore back from sleeping on the floor I cant stop smiling.

Awesome photo of me typing

It’s all finally happening,  With my furniture gone and most of my affairs in Montreal in order. There is nothing left to do but look to the journey that lies before me. I booked my one-way flight from Montreal to Cancun and will be leaving on the the 31st of October at 6:15am. I wish I could say that hitting the final complete transaction button on my flight booking was easy but it wasn’t. In reality I should have booked my flight weeks ago but have been procrastinating because I knew that once I clicked that button it would make everything feel more real.

 I still haven’t made any solid plans on what or where I am going on my trip. All I know is that I am flying into Cancun and immediately taking a bus down to Playa Del Carmen where I will most likely spend a few days before heading down to Tullum. From there my rough plan is to work my way down to Panama over the next 3 months.There I will get a sail boat to Cartagena in Colombia and work my way down through Ecuador,Peru,Bolivia finally ending in either Chile or Argentina after  3-4 months. I also have plans to do some volunteer work or WWOFING along the that will also effect my time estimates

I say these are rough plans because I am not going to to force myself into strict schedule. This trip is really about exploring new places, meeting new people along the way and going with the flow and seeing where life takes me. I have all of the time in the world. The only limitation I have is money which I am confident I can stretch for 6-8 months if I stick to a budget of under $30 a day. 

What path to take, So many choices

I still can’t believe i’m only a mere 8 days away from landing in Cancun by myself with nothing more than just a backpack where a future full of possibilities awaits. It feels like i’m in some kind of lucid dream that i’m waiting to wake up from, Everything just feels so surreal. If you had have told me 6 months ago this is where I would be I wouldn’t have believed it. The last 4 months of my life really have felt like a roller coaster with everything that has happened.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited and terrified at the same time.

All I can do now is spend this last remaining week with saying farewell to all of the amazing friends I have made in my time in Montreal and finalizing everything on my blog before I leave while I have the spare time to do it.

Speaking of this blog I recently finished finalizing my level up system for my adventure. Where I will be completing various quests submitted by readers and myself listed in my quest log in order to level up and obtain luxury points to spend on myself. If your interested in submitting a quest for one of the countries I will be visiting or finding out more information on this check out “The Level Up Experience” menu option at the top as well as the drop down menu’s.

Omg it’s almost here, Every-time I look at the countdown tracker on the main page I get even more excited.

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  1. Ashley of Ashley Abroad October 23, 2012 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Wow, this is so exciting! Make sure to eat lots of seafood in Chile (ceviche, machas a la parmesana, caldo de congrio) and lots of steak with chimichurri in Argentina. And also go clubbing in Buenos Aires, it’s the best nightlife in the world.
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad recently posted..The Best Travel Credit and Debit Cards for BackpackersMy Profile

    • Brendon October 23, 2012 at 3:10 pm - Reply

      I definitely will. How did you find Argentina? I was highly considering getting a working holiday visa and working there for a bit at the end of my trip. Seeing as its really easy to get a working holiday visa for Argentina or Chile

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