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So yesterday I had the amazing opportunity thanks to a friend to do something that I’ve really wished I did more of while living in Montreal, See more of the amazing countryside and landscapes. We headed to Mont-Saint-Hilaire to do some apple picking and see the place where my friend grew up.

But not before starting the day off with a hearty breakfast at The Famous Cosmos, hole in the wall greasy spoon has a reputation for having one of the best breakfasts in Montreal.It is also famous because of the documentary made about it called Man Of Grease, I definitely recommend anyone who’s in Montreal and after an awesome breakfast to check out Cosmos

Although cosmos isn’t much to look at from the outside the food is amazing.

We all ordered the MishMash which is an artery clogging omelette  that contains eggs,potatoes, pepperoni,red peppers, cheese and whatever else breakfast meat is on hand and I heard it clocks in at a whopping 1900 calories. needless to say it tasted amazing 😀

Famous Mish Mash from Cosmos

After a delicious breakfast we headed 40 minutes out of the city to do some apple picking at Les Verges Petit & Fils, Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Beautiful Montreal Countryside

The scenery was amazing and it reminded me how little I had seen of Montreal outside of the city in the 2 plus years I had lived here, It was fun to feel like a tourist in Montreal and I managed to get some cool shots while picking apple’s, Also there is nothing like biting into a freshly picked apple.

Me Picking an Apple 😀

How you like them apples?

Our Apple picking adventure ended with a friend finding a rare spawn five leaf clover for me. Hopefully it will bring me good luck on my upcoming trip.

Five leaf clovers are meant to be extremely lucky and attract money

Overall I had a great time and it reminded me that you don’t need to travel the world to find amazing new places to visit. When amazing places are just on your doorstep. I will definitely have to re-visit Canada again as a tourist in the future and see all this amazing country has to offer.

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  1. Claire October 14, 2012 at 4:54 am - Reply

    Great post! Sometimes it’s nice just to have some down time in the place that you live. And I def want one of those omelettes!

    • Brendon October 14, 2012 at 4:57 am - Reply

      Thanks, Yeah it definitely is, Those omelettes are awesome, but its something that id only get every now and then haha If I ate those every morning id be the size of a house in no time 😛

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