When I originally started this blog back at the start of September (Wow has it only been 2 months it feels way longer) In my very post Building Up From Rock Bottom! I stated how I wanted to intergrate a level up system into my travels. Mainly because I’m a giant nerd but secondly because this whole experience feels like it’s a new start for me. I feel like I’m re-rolling and starting back at level 1 in a completely new chapter of my life.

I had a rough idea on what I wanted to do but thinking up and implementing this level up system into my blog has taken a fair amount of tinkering about. I think I have a pretty kickass system to start with and I can always tweak it as we go along. To find out more about my level up system check out The Level Up Experience menu option. In the drop down menu from this menu is where you can find all things nerdy relating to me leveling up including my Quest LogSubmit  A Quest and all of my XP Round Up Posts as they get posted.

So how are these posts going to work?, Well basically the Idea of these XP Round Up posts is to go through all recently completed/quests from the Quest Log and add up the experience and track my progress.

Note: The Quest Log doesn’t currently have quest difficulties integrated yet so I have just auto assigned them for now.

Completed Quests
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I feel I have really come a long way in the past month and my experience and quests completed have really reflected. It has been a huge month for me in the area’s of Pre-Planning, Internet and Travel I’m pretty much ready for my trip, My blog is picking up followers pretty quickly especially on twitter and after my first week of backpacking in LA and San Francisco I feel so much more confident about myself and about staying in hostels.

Level Status

Current level: 2          Experience: 100/2000        Luxury Points: 1

What a first month I earned 1100xp which is just enough to put me over the 1000 xp required to get me to level 2. /Que level up sound and particles.

Also because I leveled up I am granted one luxury point, which I can use during my travels to reward myself. These rewards are things like a private room for a night, dinner at a fancy restaurant or a massage. Something luxurious haha. I think I’ll be saving this one for a while though for when I really need it 🙂

With a new level also brings a raised xp requirement of 2000. I’m going to need a lot more quests so if you have any in mind head over to my Submit a Quest page, in particular the Submit  A Quest Mexico page as thats where i’m headed first 😀

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next XP Round Up. I’m not sure how frequent I will do these, probably every second week on average.