So its already been one week since I started my Latin American adventure and time has flown by.I arrived in Playa Del Carmen with plans to stay for 4 days I ended up staying there for 7. I really am falling in love with this care free go with the flow travel lifestyle.

I’ve met so many amazing new friends on the road and am having a blast. I know they say that travel changes a person and I feel it in myself I’m a lot more open, outgoing, carefree and confident than I have been before.

Adjusting to the backpacking and hostel lifestyle has come really easy for me. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and made so many great friendships. It is still hard getting used to constantly having to stay goodbye to new friends. But I’ve learnt that you have to live in the moment and enjoy things in the now. Plus for every sad goodbye there is another new friendship right around the corner.

I really need to learn more self control with my budget as it has only been a week and I have already managed to go a whopping $220 over budget. I think that was mostly due to a bunch of frivolous shopping purchases such as my Gringo hat,A necklace, wrist bracelet, towel etc. That combined with excessive money on drinks. In last couple of days I have managed to get it more or less back on track. Lets hope I can throw in some couch surfing and wwofing

I’m really excited for the next 7-8 months