I’ve been in Mexico now for over 9 days and I have to say that before coming to Mexico I was never really a Mexican food fan.

I could count the amount of times I have eaten it in the past 10 years on one hand.

However that has all changed  in the last week. I’ve had so many amazing Mexican dishes, a lot of which were cooked out the back in tiny street restaurants with white plastic chairs that look like someone is just cooking out of the kitchen at the back of their house. It’s quite a culinary difference to the usual Poutine I gorged myself on in the previous week

I also found out that I am loving spicy food more and more and haven’t gotten sick yet so its win win.

Below is a sample of some of the delicious Mexican cuisine I have been Foodgasming over the past week. I wish I could remember the name of half of them. For future foodgasm posts I will be documenting more closely the names of the food i’m eating.

This place was located just a block from my hostel in Playa Del Carmen and with burgers,tacos and sandwiches for less than 50 pesos ($4) I ate here numerous times.


Mamita – A toasted sandwich with chicken and other amazing goodies. This was one of my favorite meals of the week.

Set of 3 tacos from Kiwi’s in Playa Del Carmen

Chicken, rice,bean paste and salad

Tacos from place in Tulum

Awesome Breakfast tacos made by owner at Casa Del Sol hostel in Tulum

Got this in Tulum for 60 pesos ($4.80) awesome home made pineapple juice with chicken, pork,rice,beans, salad and taco’s

Also on a side note I think im making a pretty good dent into my eat 100 tacos quest from mexico