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Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE food. This new weekly series of posts called “Foodgasm Friday” I will share with you all the most foodgasm inducing foods I have tried over the week. Foodgasm Friday posts can be found by selecting travel food from the drop down menu.

Poutine you delicious delicious bastard (Frite Alor!)

first on the list is Poutine. Oh poutine you delicious bastard where do I even start with you. For all for those of you who don’t know Poutine is a Quebec Canada dish made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. You can also get deluxe poutines that have pretty much anything you can think of in the poutine as well.

 It’s pretty much if chips and gravy got together with Texas cheese fries and they had a sexy sexy artery exploding baby.

Although poutine is available throughout most of Quebec and even other parts of Canada I only ever had  it in Montreal. So here is my list of some of the best poutine places you have to check out for in Montreal.:

  • Frite Alor!  – Amazing fries and my favorite place for poutine in Montreal
  • Poutineville – With there huge selection of addons to your poutine with even chopped up pogo’s being an option this is a great place.
  • La Banquise – A 24 hr poutine house offering a huge selection of poutines.

Poutine with 3 cheese’s and potato wedges from Poutineville

I’ve only been gone from Montreal for a couple of days and I already miss poutine,Even if it was responsible for making me gain 15kg  over my 2 years in Montreal haha.
Stay tuned for next week friday when I go into some tasty Mexican cuisine.
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