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So after an absolutely amazing month of travel in Guatemala and just over 50 days of travel I decided that it was time to move on. I had managed to go $600 USD over budget and was really feeling like I needed a change and wanted to get down to South America.

With that in mind I left Antigua on a 6.5 hour shuttle bus to the Lazy beachside surfer town of El Tunco in El Salvador. This tiny little town is really popular on the backpacking scene because of its amazing surf and laid back lifestyle.

I don’t surf but still enjoyed seeing my first glimpse of pacific coast beaches during the day and spending a night partying in a night club right on the beach. Oh and the Hostel had an awesome pool.

Streets of El Tunco

Surf boards for sale on main street

The rocky black sand beach of El Tunco

However for me it wasnt the surf or the beaches that made my experience in El tunco memorable it was a little nerdy side quest.

One night at the hostel a 12 of us decided to rent a small shuttle bus and make the 45 minute bus ride into San Salvador to catch the 10pm showing of the hobbit.

At first I was a little skeptical seeing as I’d heard a lot of shady things about El Salvador and driving around in a bus past 10pm didnt sound that appealing to me. But we did it anyway. I was expecting to arrive at a run down mall with a dodgy cinema but was blown away when I arrived at a shopping mall that was fancier than any mall I had been to in the Canada or Australia.

San Salvador Cinema

We all had an awesome time and with the movie ticket only costing $5 USD and a large popcorn and drink costing $4.50 it was well worth it. The only bad thing was that it had spanish subtitles so every time elvish or orc was spoken it was a little hard to understand what was going on.

If I had an apartment I’d want this to just have in my apartment haha

The next day I boarded a 10 hour shuttle that took me out of El Salvador through Honduras and into Leon Nicaragua where I did some Volcano boarding.

Sun setting on my final day in El Tunco


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