Anyone who knows me or has been traveling with me over the last month knows that recently I have been plagued by indecision.

Me plagued with indecision and hiding from the world under my scarf 😛

I’ve been so focused on what happens in the next chapter of my life after traveling that it has been blinding me to how truly amazing this chapter is.

River in Mindo

As I sit here writing this I am sitting outside next to a beautiful river in the cloud forest of Mindo Ecuador, How friggan amazing is that? I have seen and experienced so many amazing things the last few months and there are countless more amazing things just waiting to be discovered and experienced just waiting to happen.

Me getting down and muddy in the Cartagena

I’ve also been stressing myself worrying about what I will do when I finish my travels. In my last post I stated how I didn’t want to travel forever and am exploring video game opportunities for the future. Whether or not these eventuate does not matter as I’m currently in process of sorting another Canadian working holiday visa.

So as of today all the stressing of the future will stop. I don’t know what the future will bring, maybe I’ll find a job somewhere in the world or maybe I wont and will end up on a working holiday of Canada. Either way they both sound like amazing opportunities, and for now I’m just going to try and embrace this amazing travel opportunity that life has given me and embrace what fate brings. Seeing as life has a way of working itself out.

Because if traveling has taught me anything in the last few months it’s that

Plans Change!

And thats the most exciting thing of all to me, not knowing where i’ll be a few months from now or what amazing people I will meet next.

Jumping for Joy at the top of Cotopaxi volcano at the prospect of what life will bring next!