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Omg guys cant believe I havent done a Foodgasm Friday since mid December, For Shame on me. This weeks Foodgasm friday is a bit of a shameful subject When traveling new countries I love to sample new and interesting foods for me its one of my favorite things and i’m sure other travelers are the same.

However sometimes you get sick of the same old rice and beans and miscelaneous street meat and just want something familiar and to eat some greasy junk food. Burgers, Pizza,hotdogs and of course my favorite food in the world fries, There are even added shame points if you go to a major chain like Mcdonalds or KFC.

So without further a do I present my shameful list of non local junk food. Judge away!

Not so Shameful?

Guatemala: Pollo Campero – Ok this is pretty shameful but in my defense Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast food chain so “technically” I was sampling traditional Guatemalan food.

Quito Ecador – A local Ecuadorian dish Salchipapa, Its basically just fries with hotdog on it. You even can get deluxe ones like the one pictured here that has cheese and all kind of artery clogging goodness. This one really isn’t that shameful because I was sampling a local dish while still getting my fries fix .


Every Country: -Plates of Fries… Anyone who has traveled with me or knows me will know fries are my food obsession, If I could only eat one food for the rest of my days it would be fries I probably have eaten fries atleast 2-3 times a week for the duration of my entire trip.

Quito Ecuador – Hotdog of Despair – Alright this is probably the grossest looking thing I have eaten on my travels, It may look like terrible but it was actually pretty dam tasty…. The saddest part of this is thats not even my whole meal I got some fries with it as well….

El Tunco El Salvador, named after the cafe they are from Jaguar fries from the Jaguar cafe these fries were covered in cheese and some kind of seasoning, with a generous bowl of ketchup these are probably the best friest I’ve have on my whole Latin American trip.

Hostel cooked hotdogs – On rare occasions when I have the energy and want to save money I cook for myself in the hostel kitchen. However instead of cooking something healthy like I know I should I seem to always end up buying and making hotdogs. They are cheap and quick to make and provide some kind of nutritional value i’m sure.

MEGA Shame

Quito Ecuador – While in a mall in Quito I stumbled upon a kfc and couldnt help myself and ordered this monstrosity, at only $6.25 USD it included a chicken burger, a chicken breast, 3 wings, fries, coleslaw and a drink. This is not only a ginormous amount of food but is the second most shameful thing I have eaten.

MOST Shameful!

San Jose Costa Rica – Coming in at number 1 on my most shameful food list is of course Mcdonalds, I don’t think as a traveler you can eat anything more commercialized and most travelers I talk to Mcdonalds is always there biggest taboo food. I had a moment of weakness

If you didn’t notice there is a bit of a recurring fries theme going on haha.

So there you have it only  a small sample of some of the disgusting artery exploding junk food I shamefully ate on my travels.

Whats the most shameful food you have eaten on your travels? I’d love to hear in the comments below 😀


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