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So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The last time I did I posted about All the shameful junk food I had eaten on the road,  So I thought it was time to redeem myself and prove that I did actually eat local food while I was travelling. What better way to prove this then by tantalizing  your taste buds with another batch of mouthwatering dishes that I gorged myself on while I was travelling in Ecuador

Popcorn chicken Ecuadorian Style

Battered chicken,fries,rice and salad. KFC can keep it’s popcorn chicken!

Now I apologize in advance for not knowing the name of pretty much everything here. I’ll be the first one to embarrassingly admit that during my trip my grasp of the Spanish language was well……pretty shit. So most of the time when it came to ordering food, I would just choose something that I kind of understand on the menu or point to something that looked tasty and then just nod and reply with “Si” to every subsequent question they asked, All while hoping that I would get something delicious in the end.

Ecuador street breakfast

Had this scrumptious breakfast in Latacunga markets while on the way to Quillota crater lake

This process worked very well for me as I got to try a variety of awesome food’s, The only time it backfired was when I was in Colombia and I ordered a bag of french fries (“Papas Fritas” See I do know some Spanish ;)) , I then got asked a series of questions in Spanish which I couldn’t really understand. I answered as I usually did with “Si”,  the person behind the counter cheerily  handed over a bag of what I thought was French fries. I smiled and returned back to the hostel and excitedly opened the bag only to find it was not french fries at all but a bag of plain boiled potatoes :(. As I sat there sadly eating my boiled potatoes I realized she probably asked me something along the lines of “We are out of fries would you like this bag of boiled potatoes instead” to which I said yes. Haha

Om Nom Ecuador breakfast

It came with mashed potato, Rice, Egg and pork. PRO TIP: The shinier a food is the better it is for you 😉

Street food Ecuador

Throughout my entire Latin American trip I encountered a lot of street vendors selling delicious cheap food on the streets. One of the more common forms of street food is various BBQ’d meat. Ecuador was no exception especially during Carnival where the streets where packed with street vendors selling delicious greasy food to all the drunk people 😀

Ecuadorian Rice and beans

Rice and beans is the staple behind most Latin American dishes, I got this delicious Pork, Rice and Beans in Banos.

Ecuadorian food

Another meal with rice,fries, Miscellaneous meat and salad. I was always surprised at how popular fries where in Latin America.

Burger and fries in Ecuador

Ok, so this last one isn’t so traditional haha . But you know me can’t say no to a burger and fries.

Next time I look at the mouth watering Salchipapas, But until then I’d love to hear your favourite Ecuadorian foods.

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  1. Tim July 23, 2013 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    Was very similar in Brazil too. Lots of rice beans and pork.

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