It’s foodgasm Friday again and this week I take a look at something close to my heart (And Stomach). I haven’t been this excited since I did my artery exploding  orgasm inducing Poutine review back in Montreal Canada, last year before I even left on my travels.

Those of you know know me (Or at least have to put up with me talking about food alot) will know that my no 1 food love is Fries. I can’t get enough of them. I just can’t say no to a bowl of delicious fries.  So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Salchipapas.

So what is Salchipapas? Well  I’m glad you asked, Salchipapas is a dish originating in Lima Peru made up of French fries, cut up beef sausages and usually accompanied with a choice of condiments such as Mayonaise,Mustard, ketchup and sometimes chilli peppers. I encountered it a lot throughout Ecuador and Lima.


Why hallo there my delicious friend

My first taste of this artery exploding (Totally healthy) dish was in Quito Ecuador at an bistro/bar called….. wait for it “The G Spot” I was there with my friend Rosie at the time (The one I went on about in my adventure to Mindo post) Unfortunately I was having difficulty with my phone so I was unable to check us both in at “The G Spot” so there were many potential lols lost there.

Anyway I digress this post is about the food and not the suss named places I ate at. I ordered the deluxe Salchipapas that came with french fries,beef sausage, onion, chilli peppers,mustard and was even served on a fancy wooden chopping board (Wooden chopping boards are fancy right?) From the moment it touched my taste-buds I knew that I had a new secret lover that I couldn’t tell Poutine about.


When done right I really enjoyed Salchipapas, however many fast food restaurants offered it and sometimes I was just like “Ummmm it’s just French fries with a couple of sausages on it” how is this classified as a dish?”  but regardless it was great because all throughout Peru and Ecuador I could eat fries guilt free in the form of Salchipapas and still be experiencing a Latin American dish *Self High Five*

But just so you know Poutine my tastebuds still find you the sexiest and the tastiest of all the fries based  meals…. For Now.

Whats your favourite fries based dish?