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Located just a couple of hours north west of Quito is the Andean town of Mindo. reachable by a bus from the north bus station for cost of $2.50.

Set in a beautiful cloud forest this small town is primarily famous for it’s number of bird species with over 450. There is also a large amount of butterflies and other animals.

Part of the town of Mindo up in the clouds

If bird watching or walks through the forest are not your thing there are many other exciting activities to take part in many fun activities such as ziplining, Visiting the waterfalls by aerial tram, river tubing and touring the chocolate factory called El Quetzal.

The river next to our hostel 🙂

However I did none of those activities

For me Mindo was more about escaping from the city and relaxing with a friend. I was lucky enough to be joined with one of my best travel friends Rosie. I originally met her in Panama city a few days before boarding the Jaquiline for our voyage to cartagena. From there on we both went on our own separate adventures with our paths crossing numerous times. I think in the end she was the traveler I spent the most time with on my whole trip.

A photo of Rosie taking a photo of me taking a photo of her taking a photo…….Photoception

I know I generally don’t mention many other travelers in my posts and that’s only because I don’t think most people like having photo’s of them posted up all over the internet.

While I could get permission as I have in this case a lot of the time I just don’t like harassing people about it , Which is a bit of a shame because for me the best part of my travels are the interesting and amazing people I meet along the way and how simply having good company can turn an otherwise mediocre couple of days into something truly memorable like my time in Mindo.

The beautiful rain forest of Mindo

So with that I devote this post to Rosie the 18 year old Scottish girl who started travelling at the age of 17 years solo travelling for 8 months. you truly are an inspiration and thanks for making my travels so awesome.

Enjoying a couple of oven cooked pizza’s and fries with my Travel Bro!!!!! Rosie

So what made Mindo so awesome?

Well with both of us being a bit travel burnt out and faced with big decisions on what to do next, as I was debating on whether to go to Galapagos or head into the amazon jungle and Rosie was debating on whether to do this volunteer project she had wanted to do, We decided to escape the city of Quito and have a couple of days relaxing in Mindo to clear our heads.

Our Awesome room with Sponge Bob sheets and mosquito nets at La Casa de Cecilia

With our awesome room complete with Sponge bob sheets we ventured out for some awesome food and ended up settling on some wood fired pizza which turned out to be some of the best pizza I had of my whole trip.

Humming bird 🙂

The next day we found a flyer at the hostel for a place called Mindo Lindo  where you can explore the cloud forest and observe the humming birds while drinking freshly made tea.

Drinking tea in the cloud forest while watching humming birds with great company. Doesnt get much better than that 🙂

Although after looking at the guest book we were the youngest people by about 20 years to have visited this place it didn’t matter because we had a great time and after a relaxing couple of days we both headed back to Quito where we parted ways once more as I ventured into Ecuador’s Slice of the Amazon Basin.

But seriously Mindo is an awesome place! Way more awesome than I have portrayed it in this post I only heard good things from all of the travelers I met who did all the activities here 🙂


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  1. Rosie June 5, 2013 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    We will always have mindo

    • Brendon June 5, 2013 at 11:08 pm - Reply

      That we will 😀

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