It’s been just over 11 week’s since I finished my 5 month solo backpacking adventure through Latin America and returned to my home town of Brisbane Australia.

Before that I had been on a working holiday in Montreal Canada for over 2 years, It’s been great being back in the land of OZ and catching up with friends and family. However as people will know who read my last post “Fighting fear and following your dreams” I have been really struggling with working out what to do next.

Carnival foam celebrations in Banos Ecuador. One Of the many highlights from my Latin American trip

Carnival foam celebrations in Banos Ecuador. One Of the many highlights from my Latin American trip

2013 really has been a very good year for me. (Hell I got to travel the first 3 months of it :D) Besides that it’s been a bit of an adjustment getting used to a normal 9-5 job and re-joining the rat race. Which I discussed about here  —->Returning to Work, Post Travel Blues and What Comes Next?

I’ve tried to settle back in to living and working in Australia again, But the reality is I’m just not happy. I have had a taste of the world and I want to get a lot more traveling done before I even begin to consider “Settling down”

So even though financially it doesn’t make the most sense to be taking off again so quickly. I have to follow my passion and take a chance, Plus what’s the worse that can happen? (Remember this when I’m stranded in some foreign country with no money forced to sell my body on the street haha)


So with that I’m pleased to announce the next exciting adventure for Nerd Travels….(Even though the post title gave it away haha)

I’m heading to Asia and Europe!

Singapore & Malaysia

In early September I will be jumping on a plane from the Gold Coast Australia bound for Singapore. (You can get cheap flights with fly scoot for  $230-$250 AUD one way) From here I have 2-2.5 weeks to explore and travel Singapore and Malaysia. This will be my first visit to Asia and I’m super excited

Hoping to meet more awesome monkey's in Asia, Like this little guy I met in Ecuador

Hoping to meet more awesome monkey’s in Asia, Like this little guy I met in Ecuador

Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to

  • Visit Kuala Lumpur and see the Petrona’s Twin Towers and check out the mouth watering food.
  • Meet more aweosme monkeys and elephants.
  • Maybe visit LegoLand in Johor

To be honest I don’t know a lot about Malaysia, I’ll probably be on a bit of a budget so still deciding on whether I should stick to west or east Malaysia or do both. This is probably going to come down to what things I decide I want to do.

Any suggestions?

London – United Kingdom

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On the 25th of September I have a flight from Singapore To London UK (Only $364 AUD with Saudi Arabian Airlines SCORE!!!!)

Yeah that’s right only $594 AUD ($565 USD) from Australia to London!!!

I'm pretty sure this is true!

I’m pretty sure this is what it’s going to be like 😀

After arriving in London on the 26th I have 3-5 days to explore this great city. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to be crashing with friends, staying at a hostel or maybe after 2.5 weeks of roughing it around Malaysia I might even take a day or two to kick back in luxury and stay at a swanky hotel, As sometimes it nice to have your own personal space 🙂

If your looking for a hotel to stay in London you can check out these hotels online

Doctor Who me

I’m not sure yet what else I will be doing in London, Maybe I’ll go on a trip to see Stonehenge.

I am Sooo excited. Ever since I was just a kid I have always dreamed of visiting London, This as also been accelerated recently by the excessive amount of Doctor Who I’ve been watching, I’m only up to season 6 so No Spoilers!

Maybe I’ll just buy a sonic screw driver and walk the streets of London for 3 days who knows.

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Anyone got any awesome suggestions for London?

Dublin Ireland for TBEX 

After a few days in London I shall be flying off to Dublin Ireland for “TBEX Europe” WOOOOO, After my soul crushing disappointment of missing TBEX Toronto, even though I had a ticket (Had planned on being in Canada after Latin America but plans changed and I ended up back in Australia).

Dublin Skyline

Dublin Skyline

This will be my first ever travel conference and I’m super excited to learn a lot and most of all meet all these awesome travel bloggers I have been following/Obsessively stalking online for the past 8 months haha. I Think just being surrounded by so many like minded people is going to be a truly amazing experience, Plus there is the bonus of getting to meet with travel industry people and network and all that jazz .

I’m hoping to get a week or two in Ireland after TBEX, However this will all depend on how poor I am and what spur of the moment things happen next.

What Happens Next- European/UK working holiday adventure

Ok So what am I doing after TBEX? and what make’s this trip so scary?  umm………To be honest I don’t know what I will be doing next.

All I know is that after this point it stops being just a holiday. Unlike my last trip where I was travelling with an end in sight (When I ran out of money) this trip is different.

Another Quote copy

I will be getting a 2 year UK Youth mobility Visa before I leave to keep my options open and will probably do one or more of the following.

  • Look for a permanent job for a bit in London to save some money, Really thinking of getitng into something travel related.
  • Apply for random temporary jobs in UK and travel around a bit.
  • Travel around Europe a bit couch surfing, visiting friends  and living on the cheap.
  • Travel as a Digital Nomad making a living from something online (Haha very unlikely my online income will be high enough to support that by October)
  • Do some volunteering,WWOFING in a random European countries
  • Something completely unexpected and excited

Go with the flow, Except when it leads you over a waterfall 😀

My general plan is just to with the flow and see where life takes me.  I’m very lucky to have a  bunch of awesome European travel friends that I can visit and offer to entertain them with my totally pro Ukulele/Kalimba playing skillz  in exchange for some couch time (Note to self learn how to play the Ukulele & Kalimba before September haha)

Either way I think it’s going to be an exciting adventure. I know it’s going to be tough and a lot of hard work. I am definitely going to be more out of my comfort zone than ever before. But that’s what excites me the most.

Plus the worst thing that can happen is I end up broke, have to fly back to Australia and back where I was after my last trip.

Broke in money but rich in experiences. 

I look forward to sharing this awesome new adventure with you all and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments below.