Banos Carnival

Fireworks over Banos for carnival

When I was on my Latin American backpacking trip I was fortunate enough to be in South America during the festive season of Carnival, which is a festival that occurs immediately before lent in February. this festival usually involves public celebration, firework’s, throwing of water balloons and spraying of foam.


Main square in Banos during Carnival

A lot of travelers make there way to Rio de janiro Brazil for Carnival, However with accommodation prices sky rocketing during carnival. I decided to stick to Ecuador for Carnival.

Carnival Party

From talking to other travelers there appeared to be two major spots that people were celebrating carnival in Ecuador, The coastal town of Montanita and the  the Andean highland town of Banos.

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Banos foam

I decided to head to Banos, with street parade’s,  foam battles on the street and nightly parties on the street.  There was even a bunch of carnival rides set up for the event.

All in all I had an amazing time at carnival and even got some awesome photos of the fireworks show.

Carnival Fireworks

What is your favorite carnival experience?