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It’s Foodgasm friday again, This week i’m going to be doing something a little different. Instead of talking about food from a specific place. I will be sharing with you a sample of some of the lazy self cooked hostel food that I made during my budget backpacking trip of Latin America.

Hot dogs with bacon

Hotdog’s with bacon and bbq sauce

During my one week stay in Caye Caulker Belize I cooked a lot of breakfasts and lunches at the hostel. Hotdog sausages, Bread, Bacon,Eggs and Bread were cheap and I managed to eat for under $1 USD a meal.


Mexican style eggs with tortilla’s

In Mexico I enjoyed Mexican style breakfast with tortilla’s and Mexican style scrambled egg.


Om nom Nomlette

Omelettes were always my favorite type of hostel food to make. Egg’s were always cheap wherever you went and  you can put pretty much any types of vegetables or meat in them.  This was especially great at hostels because other travelers would always be leaving and giving away excess ingredient which you could chuck into your omelette.


This would have to be the grandest breakfast/lunch I ever made. Toast,eggs,Sausages,Mushroom,Onion,Bacon,fried potato and even a side of ketchup = Winning


Vegemite on toast

Sometimes a hostel cooked meal would be something simple that reminded me of home. Like any true Australian I traveled with a jar of Vegemite in my backpack. It was worth it for the facial expressions some other travelers would make when smelling it. haha


The best hostel cooking experience I had was in Banos Ecuador. As I stayed here for 2 weeks I was able to buy ingredients in a lot bigger quantities. What was also great in Banos was I met a 3 other travelers who were staying in the hostel for a long period of time as well. We had great fun going out to the market each day and buying our own ingredients and cooking up nacho’s and making salsa and guacamole.


Nachos 🙂

Melting cheese on nacho’s without a grill or oven proved a difficult task, But as we discovered it can be done in a pot with a lid 😀

capiriniah But it didn’t just stop at food we made delicious (And highly alcoholic) Caipirinha and Mojito’s as well 🙂

What awesome self cooked meal’s or drinks have you made while travelling?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below

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