So it’s only one month away now until I leave everything behind again and embark on the road on my next exciting backpacking adventure in Asia and Europe

I’ve been bogged down a lot recently trying to catch up with posts from my previous trip through Latin America, I have finally finished all Ecuador based posts and only have a handful of posts about Peru I’m hoping to finish in the next week so I can start lookin more towards the future instead of back at what I have done.

I cant believe how quickly the time is flying by. It still feel’s really surreal to think that I am leaving Australia again after only 6 short months back here. But I know that this is the thing I want to do the most at the moment so am starting to get really excited as the timer ticks down.

I Still havent locked down my travel plans much except for flying into Singapore on the 2nd September, Flying out from Singapore to London on 25th September Then I have to be in Dublin Ireland for TBEX 3-4th of OCtober.

Besides that I have complete freedom, I am pretty confident that I am going to spend most of my time in Asia travelling around mainland Malaysia and going to to give borneo a miss this time around.

Where will my adventures take me next?

Where will my adventures take me next?

As for what I am doing in Europe I think I am going to spend a couple of days in London before flying to Ireland for Tbex and exploring Ireland for a week or two. After that I really wish I knew, I am going to probably do one of the following depending on how I am feeling and what fate decides

  • Do a workaway somewhere in Ireland or Europe
  • Settle down in London and look for a job
  • Hear back from one of the jobs i’m applying for accross UK and go work there
  • Travel for another month through Germany,Poland,Czech Repubic and Hungary

Or something completely different and amazing I havent even thought of yet (Hoping it’s this one)

Newer bigger laptop, WOOT!

Newer bigger laptop, WOOT!

Other than that I have been organizing all the the things I need for my next trip such as

  • finalized my 2 year working mobility Visa for UK
  • Bought some awesome new adventure clothes,dry sac,travel towel,head lamp + hand knick knacks
  • Got a new laptop to replace my broken old one

I am looking forward to doing another what’s in my backpack post for my upcomming trip as there are going to be a few very silly additions such as my ukulele. Ukulele

So if anyone has any awesome suggestions with what I should do once I’m in Europe or where I should go on a cheap budget then let me know in the comments below, I’m pretty suggestable at the moment 😀