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This week its Foodgasm Friday, Or should I say FRIESday (Ohhh see what I did there :P) . This week I’m doing a tribute post to my favorite junk food of all, fries. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me or even to people that follow my blog that I have a slight obsession with them.

Over my travel’s I have tried many deliciously artery clogging fries based dishes. In this post I go through my Top 5 Fries Based Foods!


Frite Alor fries

Before we get into the list let’s start with the fries themselves.  The best fries I have had in my travels so far would have to be from a belgian style take away restauraunt in Montreal Canada called Frite Alor! they manage to get the fries so crisp and delicious tasting that it’s like heaven as soon as they touch your lips. Some of the worst fries or chips that I have eaten would have to be in Latin America, I don’t know why but nearly every serving of fries that I ordered would be undercooked and soggy.

5. Salchipapas

Foodgasm Friday: Salchipapas

Salchipapas from Ecuador

Coming in at 5th on the list is the Latin American dish of Salchipapas, Originating from Lima in Peru and very common all accross Peru and Ecuador this dish commonly consists of French fries, cut up beef sausages and is usually accompanied with a choice of condiments, such as Mayonaise,Mustard, ketchup and sometimes chilli peppers.

To read more about Salchipapas check out my delicious foodgasm Friday Post all about it.

4. Chips and Gravy

Chips & Gravy

Anything that shines has to be good for you right?

Next up is good old chip’s and gravy. What’s not to like here Chips are awesome and who doesnt like gravy? Whether it be standard traditional gravy or even chicken flavored. Chip’s and gravy have always been a favorite of mine. I found myself regularly ordering this during my Latin American trip in Hostel restauraunts as it was usually the cheapest meal on their menu. I pretty much lived off  this during my time partying at Loki Cusco in Peru

3. Amarillo Cheese Fries

Armarillo Cheese Fries

Oh you cheesy delicious minx

I originally tried these in a Texan themed restauraunt in Australia, called Lone Star. Unfortunately most of this chain of restauraunt have shut down now.  Amarillo Cheese Fries consists of thick steak house chips, covered in chopped up bacon and cheese and grilled. If that wasn’t heart attack inducing enough it is also usually accompanied by ranch dipping sauce.

I’d love to hear from someone from Texas who knows more about this delicious dish.

2. Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado

Delicious home-cooked Lomo Saltado made by my Peruvian friend Audrey

Second on my list is the Peruvian asian style dish of Lomo Saltado, Combining chips,Beef,Onion, Tomato with vinegar and soy sauce this dish use’s fries in a unique way compared to any other fries based dish I have tried, Which I love. This dish hold’s a special place in my heart as I got taught to make it by an awesome Peruvian friend that I met during in Peru. Still to this day even when I’m back in Australia I love cooking up some Lomo Saltado.

Lomo Saltado

Me cooking up some Lomo Saltado in Australia


1. Poutine

Poutine you delicious delicious bastard

Poutine from Frite Alor! Montreal Canada

Coming in at No 1 on the list is without a doubt Canada’s Poutine. Consisting of Cheese Curds, Gravy and fries this delicious artery clogging super junk food stole my heart in the 2 years that I lived in Montreal. Nothing get’s me saying “Ohhh Canada” faster  than a bowl of delicious poutine. haha  As I said in my Foodgasm Friday post devoted to Poutine. 

“It’s pretty much if chips and gravy got together with Amarilo cheese fries and they had a sexy sexy artery exploding baby.”

Poutine with 3 cheese's and potato wedges from Poutineville

Poutine with 3 cheese’s and potato wedges from Poutineville Montreal


Honorable Mention

Grab a feed from the many cafe's, restaurants and shops. Or if your a chip fanatic like me drop in to the Jaguar cafe for some of their "Jaguar Fries"

Jaguar Fries from Jaguar Cafe in El Tunco El Salvador

While technically not a unique dish in itself I, I mentioned earlier that fries in general were pretty crappy in Latin America, However there were  a few exceptions to the rule. During my stay in the lazy beach town of El Tunco El Salvador I had these delicious cheese fries at Jaguar Cafe.

What’s your favorite fries based dish and where about’s is it from? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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