Anyone who knows me, or has read one of my packing lists for Latin America or packing lists for my Asia & Europe will know that being a nerd, REALLY  love my nerdy travel gadgets. As a result of this, I travel with a lot of electronics,While some of them I barely ever use. like my remote control for my DSLR camera. There are other gadgets such as my portable speaker and 2-way audio splitter cable that have been really handy and I couldn’t imagine traveling without.

My Top Nerdy Travel Gadgets

day pack

What electronics I travel with

So today I want to share with you all the nerdy travel gadgets I think every traveler shouldn’t be without.


1. Camera


Travelling and taking photo’s go hand in hand. Whether you’re doing a short weekend trip away, or a one-year trip around the world you probably are going to want to take a camera to capture those beautiful moments along the way. With so many different types of camera’s out there it’s hard to choose whether or not to go with a simple point and shoot camera, a digital SLR camera, or a hybrid that’s somewhere in between. For me I travel with an excessive amount of camera’s. I have my DSLR to capture those amazing high quality shots,Canon Rebel T5I A simple cheap point and shoot camera(Sony cybershot) that I take out to bar’s and places where I don’t want to be lugging around an expensive bulky SLR camera. Then I have a waterproof,shockproof camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 which I use for taking video and for when I want to get some underwater footage.

2. Portable speaker

mini X II

I only just picked up one of these for my current trip and it’s quickly become my favorite gadget in my backpack. I have a Mini X II portable speaker and it packs so much volume for it’s size, and has the added bonus that you can link multiple speakers together for added boost.I have used it countless time’s when sitting on beach and in hostels sharing music with friends, from my laptop or from my smartphone. You can pick one of these up fairly cheap and there are lots of different brands I only paid $25 USD for mine on ebay. There are even some fancier portable speakers that use bluetooth.

3. Audio 2 way splitter cable

audio splitter Another new addition this trip. The 2 way audio splitter cable, This really cheap and handy cable allows you to listen to music with a friend from your mp3 player or smartphone or both sit down together and watch a movie on your laptop. For the cost of only a couple of dollars this definitely is a useful little cable to have. I have even seen adapters that let you plug in up to 5 different sets of headphones into one jack. such as the Belkin rockstar multihead splitter, It sure beats sitting on a bus sharing one headphone each.

4. Laptop/Tablet


Laptops and tablets are a great way to stay in touch with family,family and share your photos online while on your trip. I personally travel with a Hp Envy Touchsmart Laptop and while it is a bit cumbersome at times I love the freedom to be able to edit my photos in programs like lightroom and photoshop while travelling, as well as all the other nifty storage options you have on a laptop compared to a tablet, such as an Apple Ipad. However if you are not planning on editing photos while on the move, and don’t need all the functionality that a laptop offers a tablet could be a better more lightweight solution.

5. Universal Travel Adapter


Sick of carrying around 3-4 different travel adapters for each region of the world  you are in? Well with one of these universal all in one travel adapter plugs you don’t have to worry, this small adapter has different sliding plugs that can be switched in and out with the push of a  button so you never have to worry about not having the right power adapter again. It also has an added bonus of a usb adapter so you can charge your usb devices.

6. Gorilla Pod Tripod

Gorilla Pod

Gorilla Pod

I can’t even begin to express how much I love these things, I have been travelling with a Joby gorilla Pod for the past year. They are so handy as it means you don’t have to carry around a giant tripod in your backpack. They come in a couple of different types, Ones made to hold bigger SLR camera’s, such as these and simpler models designed for point and shoot cameras like these. So don’t miss out on taking those awesome night shots because you don’t want to carry a full size tripod, Grab a gorilla pod.

7. Smartphone battery charging case.

Battery charging case

Battery charging case

One of the biggest problems I have using my Iphone while travelling is that it is ALWAYS on the verge of running out of battery. Each day feel like I am in a constant struggle to keep my phone charged up enough to be able to take instagram photos, or keep in contact with friends and family on facebook. But then I found this handy gadget. The battery charging cases are simply a case for your phone that include their own battery. So when you charge your phone you are also charging the battery case. These case’s come in a variety of different brands and can range from really cheap knock off versions on ebay for $5-$15 USD Which I tried but ended up breaking with 2 weeks. If you want a quality one you can’t go past the Morphie Charging Case available for Iphone and other smartphones.  With the ability to double or in some cases triple your battery life on your phone you won’t be searching for a power point to recharge your phone while on the go anytime soon.

8. Portable battery charger

Portable battery charger

Portable battery charger

Similar to the battery charging case, these external battery chargers, such as the Trent Icarrier come in a variety of sizes and capacities and allow you to charge your smartphone, tablets and in some of the bigger sizes even your laptop. There is even a cool on that has a solar panel in it so you can charge it via the sun.

9. Monster mini power board


So you’ve bought that awesome travel adapter so you can charge your devices while on your trip, Which is great, however unless you want to buy a bunch of them you are only going to be able to charge one thing at a time. That’s where this portable Monster mini power strips come in handy. It’s small, lightweight and you will never have to choose between which device to charge again.

10. A smartphone


A smartphone, I think by now most people have some kind of Iphone, Smartphone or Android device. If you don’t or are debating on whether you should bring yours on your travels. I would highly advise that you do. These are so useful for times when you want to send an email, quickly search the web,skype or get in contact with friends and family on facebook, without having to drag out your bulky tablet or laptop. It also has the added bonus of you being able to add new friends that you meet directly to facebook without having to wait till you are near a computer meaning you won’t miss out on adding those new friends you’ve met on the road.

11. Portable hard drive

portable hard drive

Portable hard drives are  a really handy gadget to travel with, I travel with a Western Digital External Hard Drive, It allows you to backup your photos, easilly exchange movies, photos and music with other travelers. If a portable hard drive seems a bit bulky for you, You could use a USB stick instead.

12. E-Reader


While I personally don’t travel with one (Because I am really lazy when it comes to reading :P). However If you love books and reading, then travelling with an E-reader, Such as a Kindle FireKindle Fire is a great way to carry around all those awesome books you love without having a heavy backpack full of books. It also has added bonus that you don’t have to go to a bookstore every time you want a new book, you can simply go online and buy and download it, Which is super handy especially if you are travelling in a non English speaking country where finding the book you want could be difficult.

What is your favorite travel gadget that you can’t live without?
Note* If you are interested in buying any of these awesome gadgets mentioned in this post, I have included amazon links throughout this post to all of them, Also if you buy something through one of my link’s I get a small bonus, which really help’s me out with funding my future travel’s.