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In honor of the 50th year celebration of Doctor Who this year I thought it would be fun to do my “Top Tardis Time Travel Destinations“, Try and say that 10 times really fast, haha

tardis 640

What if you could jump inside the Tardis and not just travel to any location but also got to choose the period in time in which you visited that location, Instead of simply visiting the pyramids of Egypt during present day and get a tour of how life would have been like at that time, You could simply go there and see it and experience it for yourself.(For my non whovian followers, The Tardis is a time machine that can travel through time and space)

Doctor Who me

So grab your Sonic Screwdriver, take my hand and hop inside the Tardis and go on a journey to some of my top destinations and periods of time.

Jurrasic  Period


It’s time to get Juraassic and go hang out with some dinosaurs, I could ride a Stegasaurus, fly around on a pteradactyl or the more likely scenario get eaten by a T rex of a pack of velocoraptors, Horrible death aside it would be awesome while it lasted.

Ancient Rome,Greece,Egypt

Ancient Rome

The ancient world has always fascinated me, In high school the only subject I really looked forward to having was my ancient history class, I loved hearing about life in ancient time’s, during the time of the pyramids,Gladiator battles in the Colosseum and the period where all homer’s great mythological stories in The Illiad took place,This fascination has been intensified recently when I took a trip to Rome and  got to see the Colosseum, catacombs and crypts

The Viking Age


The age of the vikings, between 793 AD to 1066 AD, Taking a trip to Scandanavia and experiencing what viking life was like,Jump aboard a viking ship and pay tribute the the Norse gods of old.

The Middle Ages


The middle ages, A time of knights, jousting and feasting in great halls,putting all the famine, plague, and war aside there is something really fascinating about this period in history to me.

The Future – The year 5,000

the future

What will the world be like in the world 5,000? will we all be driving around in flying cars with aliens walking amongst us? It certainly would be interesting to go forward to our future and take a peak.

So you’ve heard my favorites now what about you? Where and when would you go if you could have your own Tardis or deloreon?

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  1. Agness December 18, 2013 at 5:05 am - Reply

    Jurassic Period rocks! Gosh, such a great movie! Brings back many great memories from my childhood!
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