No visit to Scotland would be complete without a a hunt for Nessie at the famous Loch Ness. Armed with keen eyes and my trusty camera I set out on the quest to discover for myself if the Loch Ness Monster was fact or fiction.

It was a frosty Autumn morning in the highland town of Inverness in Northern Scotland , when I left my hostel and boarded  a 30 minute bus to Urquhart castle on Loch Ness to begin my hunt for the elusive Loch Ness Monster.


Loacted about 2 miles southeast of the small village of Drumnadochit  surrounded by the stunning Loch Ness is the spectacular ruins of the Urquhart Castle.


Upon arriving at Urquhart castle you are required to pay a £7.50 for adult and £4.30 for children to gain access to the ruins and  visitor centre. In the visitor centre you can watch a short video about the history of the castle and it’s many sieges as well as stopping of at the gift shop or grabbing a quick snack at the cafe.


Once I had learnt all about the castle’s interesting history I ventured onto the beautiful grounds of the castle, The first thing you notice when approaching Urquhart castle is the beautiful old trebuchet once used for mediaval sieges, located on the grounds next to Loch Ness.


Once inside the ruins you can explore all the different parts of the castle, all shown and explained on detailed plaques and billboards around the grounds.


From it’s dark and dreary dungeons underground

Scotland_Lochness_Uruquart_castle-10 To its stunning panoramic views over the mysterious Loch Ness

Scotland_Lochness_Uruquart_castle-9 there is even a talking telescope that you can use where you can  try your luck at spotting the famous Loch Ness Monster in the murky waters of Loch Ness.

Exited at the prospect of spotting the rare and elusive beast I got to work and scoured the loch, after 20 minutes of searching I grew disheartened in my failed attempt at spotting the beast and gave up hope, however all was not lost, as I was walking back towards the exit of the ruins I spotted nessie going for an afternoon cruise down the loch 😉


 Things to do around Loch Ness

If you have a bit of time you can also visit the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition located in the nearby town of Drumnadochit. Where you can also organize a Loch Cruise out onto the loch itself.

If you get the chance I highly recommend visiting the ruins of Urquhart castle and loch ness and you look hard enough you might even get a photo of  Nessie for yourself.