So it’s friday again and it’s been a long time since i’ve done one of these so figured it was time to revive an old favorite of mine, Foodgasm Friday.

Anyone who knows me or has read my foodgasm friday posts in the past will know that fries hold a very special place in my heart, I even wrote an entire post Top 5 Fries Based Foods!. So you can imagine my excitement when at christmas time I was planning a week visit to Belgium, The home of fries, waffles and chocolate.

Frittuur No1

First stop on my trip to Belgium was Antwerp where I met up with a belgian friend that I originally met in Belize on my trip through Latin America in late 2012.It was great to have a place to stay and a local Belgian to guide me on my quest for the ultimate Belgian fries.


We ended up going to Frittuur No 1 where I got a healthy portion of fries along with a Belgian sauce called Andalouse, a sauce consisting of Mayonaise, tomato paste, and peppers. The chips where crunchy and delicious and I knew after my first chip that I was in heaven. From that night on I made it my quest to have Belgian fries at every opportunity I could. By the time I left Belgium I must had managed to eat fries every day of my 7 day trip through Belgium.


Me enjoying some Belgian waffles in Brussels

After Antwerp I continued on to Belgium’s capital Brussels.Where I  got into the Christmas spirit and bought myself a Christmas hat and went and tried some Belgian waffles., This one here is a Belgian waffle with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and dusted with sugar. bite of this decadent delight melted in my mouth.



Lastly no visit to Belgium would be complete without sampling some Belgium chocolates. My final stop in Belgium was the small UNESCO heritage listed city of Bruges where I spent Christmas eve and Christmas day.

So where the fries, waffles and chocolate  better in Beglium than the other ones I have eaten? I would have to say yes, But I think the sauce for the fries plays a big part in making the fries taste even more delicious, As for the waffles and chocolate it’s also a yes.

Where are the best fries, waffles or chocolate you have eaten?