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So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get 11 days off work to attend  TBEX Costa Brava 2015 travel blogging conference in Lloret De Mar Spain. Making it my 6th Travel Conference and 2nd TBEX, My last being during my blogtastic adventures in Dublin Ireland back in 2013.


After unfortunately having to miss World Travel Market in London and TBEX Athens late last year. I was super excited to start ramping up my blog again, learn more and most importantly meet up with blogger friends and make new ones.

So I strapped on my two backpacks (Omg I’m never going to be able to travel light, To much Nerd Tech) grabbed a bunch of my nerdy business cards and headed to  Edinburgh to Fly to Barcelona to make a bus connection to the beachside town of Lloret De Mar.


Living it Up in a Hotel

Upon arriving in Lloret De Mar I gleefully Strutted to my hotel, As I have been living in hostels for the last 18 months and have previously stayed in hostels every time I went to a travel conference, I decided this time for once this budget traveler was going to spoil themself with my own private room in the Evenia Event hotel that the conference was in.I have to say it was so convenient to be able to just go downstairs to the conference events through the two days that the conference was on.

As well as the added bonus compared to shared dorm rooms that I’m used to, That  I could strut around naked and starfish naked across the bed, which is something that people in dorms don’t usually appreciate.


The Conference

The conference itself was great, From talk’s on how to better use video, How to use webinars, building up your brand and the ever inspiring Keynote with Michael Colins on the future of the industry. For me the best part of all of the keynotes and talks I went to was that they didn’t just focus on giving you information and telling you how to do things. It was more about encouraging everyone to think and approach things from different ways and to think outside the box, and for me that is way more important.


Boarding the Catamaran with blogger friends

 The Activities

One of the perks of going to TBEX 2015 was the great Pre and post trips that you could take part it in. On the day before the conference started, I was lucky enough to be on a catamaran cruise with Catamaran Sensation along with 114 other bloggers for a lovely afternoon of sailing. There was lots of Cava, Beer, BBQ, Snorkelling, lounging in the sun, and towards the end of the trip the Spanish music livened up and it turned into a blogger dance party. Post all about this experience including video of everyone getting their dance moves on coming soon.


Bloggers on a boat!

The day after TBEX I got to visit the little town of Arbucies for a woods, witches and bandits festival where we all got to make bread, ride on a horse and cart and see the locals put on a live play in the town square. Plus I got to feast on some delicious local food.


Locals putting on a play in Arbucies

But even with the conference and Post TBEX day trip out of the way there was no rest to be had as I was whisked onto a bus for a 3 day tour around the Girones in Spain where I got to do amazing things from Aquatic trekking, Star Gazing, Ride Segways and explore the beautiful city of Girona.

I can’t wait to share with all of you the amazing adventures through posts and video over the coming weeks.


The Drinking, food and partying

Then of course there was all the networking party events, From Travel massive party the day before the TBEX opening party, to the amazing opening beach party with local dishes, drinks and entertainment for everyone. Followed by a poolside party at the conference hotel another night. and finally a closing party. when you combine that with going out afterwards to clubs and rock and roll karaoke bars with blogger friends.

It ended up turning into a very intense 4 days of non-stop talking, networking, eating,drinking,learning and partying. By the time it got to the last day of TBEX, I had pretty much lost my voice. All in all I probably partied a little to hard at TBEX, However it is so hard to just go to bed early when you are surrounded by so many amazing people that you connect with that you know that you probably won’t see again for months or years.


TBEX Opening party

The Friends and Connections

Then of course the most important part for me was the people. It was so great to catch up with so many blogger friends that I had met over the last couple of years entering this crazy world of travel blogging, and make amazing new friends. This for me is what I enjoy most about travel conferences. It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many like-minded people who all love to travel and want to inspire others to get out there and explore the world. Every time I go to a travel conference it makes me feel like I have returned back to my tribe of people that really get me and understand and share similar goals to mine.


Overall my experience at TBEX 2015 would have to be the best I have had at a conference so far. I learnt a lot from the talks as well as the many people I talked to throughout the conference. But most of all I left TBEX feeling completely inspired and motivated to face the next big steps in building up this blog and chasing life as a digital nomad,To all you amazing people that I met with and talked to thanks for being the amazing inspiring people you are. Just knowing you are all out there travelling and chasing down your dreams makes me  feel less alone and crazy for following mine. I feel so proud and happy to be part of this awesome community. I look forward to reading about all of your amazing travel adventures and catching up for another cheeky wine or two when we next meet again.

I’m off to TBEX Bangkok in October so who knows may see you there. 🙂

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  1. pragati May 29, 2015 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Looms like you had an awesome time dude…Bangkok sounds good too
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