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My name is Brendon and I am well… A bit of a nerd I have always two great passions in life my love of video games and my desire to travel and see the world.  After getting laid off from my job and getting out of a long term relationship I decided it was time to start travelling and living the life I always wanted.

So in 2012 I sold all of my possessions and left Canada which had been my home for 2 years on a one way ticket to Mexico with nothing more than a backpack and a rough plan to backpack Central and South America for 4-7 months, on a journey to see the world and hopefully find myself along the way.

Getting an overnight sleeper bus in India

Getting an overnight sleeper bus in India

During those 5 months I had some truly amazing experiences, such as Swimming with sharks in Belize, Watching the Sunrise over the temple of  Tikal in Guatemala, Volcano boarding in Nicaragua,Lived with some hippies in Guatemalan jungle, Sailed through the Caribbean on a sail boat to Colombia, Bridge Jumped in Banos Ecuador, Got robbed by a monkey, explored the Amazon and trekked through the Peruvian jungle to Machu Pichu, just to name a few.

And while the places and experiences were great it really was the awesome people and care free “Go with the flow” travel lifestyle that makes travel so amazing to me.

After my first big trip I was hooked and since late 2012 I have travelled over 30 countries across 5 continents, as well as lived and worked in a range of countries.  I’m currently travelling the world living and working as a digital nomad.

So join me here on Nerd Travels as I share my travel adventures,experiences,mishaps and my personal journey as I show you how anyone can follow their dreams and travel the world.